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* Totz. I got the nickname after I created the twitter handle K8ertotz as a joke, but the name stuck* 


California niño, grew up surfing and skiing. Played every sport in the book until I sold my soul for 11 years to be a professional athlete in a sport called Luge. I got recruited when I was 10 years old and at 15 I moved out of the house to pursue the Olympic pipe dream. A few concussions and broken bones later, I had the opportunity to race for Team USA in the 2014 Sochi Olympics. I danced my way into the top ten and had the time of my life. Sochi was the last time I was on ice and I haven't looked back. 


I graduated from Brigham Young University and had a solid run working part-time with a mic in hand for the Dodgers and NBC Sports. I just barely learned how to put on makeup so they were kind enough to put me in front of the camera for so many years. 

When I wasn't in a weight room or in a classroom, I was living out of a backpack traveling to the corners of the world. Everything from hitchhiking in Patagonia, living in a treehouse, sleeping in the Sahara and even running with the bulls. Thankfully, I've always made it home in one piece. 33 countries, 3 bouts of food poisoning, 142 bug bites...and counting. 


Documentary watcher. Expert wanderer. Mormon. Pursuer of life stories. Ex-professional sledder. Celine Dion singer.

Lover of all things Michael Jackson and fringe.

I want to go everywhere I've never been and meet anyone I've never met.
Bring it.


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