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You found me, it's meant to be. You are probably here because you stumbled upon my Olympic story somewhere online. While I'm grateful I was able to rep spandex on world television there are SO many more things that I'm into. Travel, surfing, riding my motorcycle, dancing like a name it. I love being active but my real bread and butter of life is journaling.


I'm not the "Dear Diary" type, I just like to write. It has been engrained in the family ever since our mom forced us to write during church to make us sit still. My journals are never too personal to share, I've always let my friends read them. There are about 13 completed journals sitting under my bed and I realized all those stories are doing no good collecting dust. 


People ask about my travels and projects a lot. I'm so happy to share but I prefer to ask questions rather than answer them. I love learning and figured other people do too, so insert: "". A sparknote version of my life and personal journals that share anything worth learning about. 


Whether it was hiking the Himalayas, living out of a camper van, learning to fix a motorcycle or achieving an Olympic dream somewhere in between, I have been on the life pursuit to learn it all. So *cheers* to engaging our brains in something other than that insta feed. 



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