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Millenial. Mormon. Motorcycles.

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Parents h8 it. I love it.

I don't know what it is but I just really like motorcycles. Everything about them is fascinating to me. The culture. The speed. The people. I swear, if I could do a documentary alone on the people I have met, you would be enthralled too. It is like this niche of passion that I never knew I had. I had an ex-boyfriend at the time who was fixing one of his old bikes and I was intrigued by all the parts and tools. It kind of reminded me of fixing my luge sled in the summers, greasy hands and solving problems. I started on a Kawasaki Enduro 100cc (Buster was so cute), then moved to a Honda CX500 (Junior). I just made a big girl purchase of a Triumph Bonneville T100 and I think I have fallen in love. As tradition, I named her Frenchie and I could not be more excited about our budding friendship.

I originally got my first bike because I really wanted to learn how to fix a bike. I just thought it would be a cool skill to learn and secretly I've always wanted to take an auto class but just never had the chance. I have spent many Saturdays taking apart my bikes, cleaning them and putting it all back together. Let me tell you, I got REALLY close with Frank at Autozone that year. I was there every week asking every question in efforts to make my bike run again. Imagine this sweaty and stressed girl with grease all over her face asking so many questions because I did not know how to fix anything. I sent a lot of S.O.S's over insta as a last ditch effort. See below:

Bless me. 

A couple of summers ago I took my bike home to California so I could use all of my Dad's tools. My parents would come out there at nights and be just so confused why I was so into getting that bike running again. No one in my family is into this stuff, I come from a line of musicians and doctors so they all thought this was funny. Honestly, nothing is funny about a gas leak and having to bondo your tank. Again, who knows where this interest came from. 


  • Don't duct tape gas leaks

  • Autozone is for cars, so they might not always be right

  • Anything more than 2 carburetors is a real hassle

and honestly *MOST IMPORTANT*

  • Don't let boys fix your bike for free because they shun you if you say no to a date

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